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The Health Planning Council works in partnership with the St. Johns River Rural Health Network (per State Statute 381.0406) to “ensure that quality health care is available and efficiently delivered to all persons in rural areas” within our region. We provide technical assistance to organizations to remove barriers to health care, and organize outreach and education to inform the public about rural health issues. We conduct studies, surveys, planning and development activities for the analysis of regional health care issues and the deployment of related programs and initiatives. We serve as a key information resource for rural health care providers, and emphasize collaborative partnerships as the best way to make accessible, quality health care a reality for our rural population.

Our Diabetes Management Program has been cited as an exemplary model in terms of cost savings and return on investment, and is considered one of the state’s potential best-practice models. Work will continue to expand and enhance this important program.

Rural Health Ministry supports participants in St. Vincent’s Parish Nurse training program and creating resources to serve as a vital link between health systems and congregations.

Health Information Technology is a huge area of involvement for the Network. We are proud to partner with the Regional Extension Center (REC) to advance the adoption of electronic health records, a four-year initiative that is certain to revolutionize rural health care. Initially responsible for the delivery of outreach and communications to providers in our region, we plan to expand our service offerings to the RED as our resources and capabilities allow.

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