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The St. Johns River Rural Health Network, Inc. (SJRRHN) is an active community-based, non-profit organization established in 1994. SJRRHN  serves seven counties in Florida’s northeast region.  The Health Planning Council is our organizational parent, providing staff support and supplementary services including health planning and research, community organization, health promotion and awareness, and non-profit and coalition support.

The mission of the SJRRHN, as one of nine independent rural health networks, (per State Statute 381.0406), is to ensure that quality health care is available and efficiently delivered to all persons in rural areas within our region.

  • We provide technical assistance to organizations to remove barriers to health care, and organize outreach and education to inform the public about rural health issues.
  • We conduct studies, surveys, training, planning, and development activities for the analysis of regional health care issues and the deployment of related programs and initiatives.

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